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About 1of135

We are not one in a million - We are '1of135'

In a world where inspiration is all around us, we understand your desire to be unique.
'1of135' believes in your individuality and works hard to create a bold, distinct visual language that differs you from all the masses.
With our limited-edition wall art and fresh designs, we keep your originality alive and creativity flowing.
Just like our name, we make and sell only 135 copies of each print, worldwide! Starting to feel special? You are!

'1of135' is a home for curated concepts and designs brought to you from all ends of the visual art spectrum, bridging the gap between art and design.
Every piece in our online gallery has been carefully designed by our Studio's team of designers and artists, with high aesthetic values in mind.
We bring you the very best of styled, high-quality and inspiring wall art to turn your everyday interior experience into a unique and exciting way of life.

We believe in the power of togetherness

That is why our artists and designers work together to form an artistic dialogue that examines the dialectic between graphic design, art and interior design.
Together, we create collaborative artistic processes that consist great amounts of skills and love to be passed on and seen on your wall. 

Affordable is fun

As part of our fun-philosophy, we keep our art available and obtainable so anyone can enjoy it. 
We believe that art is not about being expensive but rather being a visual exploration of creativity and thought.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your '1of135'!







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