I Do K

The I DO K series is an innovative collaboration between 1of135 and the Israeli photographer and socialite : Ido Izak.

The series is an original art product that is both artistic as well as socially engaged. It reflects upon the phenomenon of traveling, movement and social media and explores the artist's response to the “selfie era” through a humorous and sentimental point of view. Izak's staged selfies as the famous KERMIT reviles glamorous, lonely, funny and provocative moments that were carefully curated for this poject. Ido takes us on a journey to his unconventional life routine, enabling us to enjoy his unique aesthetics as an innovative art piece in our home.

I DO K is sold in a special limited edition: 1of35, yes, 35! From each purchase - a donation will be made to “Krembo wings”. So hurry up and don't miss out! Be interesting, different and uniqe!

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