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Merav Lerech

Merav Lerech, an artist and designer, graduated from the Visual Communication Department of Wizo, Haifa.

In her series of digital drawing TRIBE, the artist softly addresses the aesthetics of tribal art - earthly and raw. Lerech takes these distant cultures and brings them to our contemporary times. From the shades of reddish-brown leather, deep blue, camal and soil tones, the artist refers to ethnic symbols, traditional masks and ancient writings. The deep, monochromatic pigments reconnects every space to organic and raw beauty. From warm minimalism to cold tones, the range of colors will blend authenticity in every space.

TRIBE_01_SQMerav Lerech Starting at -
TRIBE_02_SQMerav Lerech Starting at -
TRIBE_03Merav Lerech Starting at -
TRIBE_04Merav Lerech Starting at -
TRIBE_05Merav Lerech Starting at -
TRIBE_06Merav Lerech Starting at -
TRIBE_07Merav Lerech Starting at -
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